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Many unforgettable thoughts of Moji Olaiya

Many unforgettable thoughts of Moji Olaiya 

While Nollywood, her fans and family still await arrival of her remains from Canada where she passed on on May 18, 2017, the beautiful thoughts and memory of late first class thespian, Moji Olaiya still resonates.

In 2014 the late beautiful actress who rose to prominence for her exploits in the popular series ‘Super Story’ bared her mind in an exclusive interview with streetvocals on a number of issues. From the archive, we resurrect Moji Olaiya and share with you the beautiful mind, you probably never knew.

On religion: Moji Olaiya was actually born a Christian but converted to Islam. She confessed that her grandmother, who was a Muslim influenced her decision tremendously. Moji Olaiya “Yes, I converted. I fell in love with Islam. I am not saying Christianity is not an acceptable religion but as an adult, I am at liberty to choose any religion I like.

I might decide not to practice any religion tomorrow,” she said and added how her grandma contributed to her decision. “Somehow, she might have influenced me because as a child I watched her go to the mosque fives times a day. I love Islam, their mode of praying is peaceful. The religion does not have the denominational problem like that of Christianity.

I can go into any mosque to pray any time.”

On Nollywood: Moji took a swipe at actors, coming to the profession with genuine love for it. “Many of us lack discipline and the industry is now over flooded.

In time past, people come into the industry because of the passion they have for acting but not any more. Most of them want to be famous overnight even when they do not have the talent. The ladies in particular.

Most of them go around almost naked. These ladies forget actors and actresses are like evangelists who preach through the television screen. On marriage: “A woman needs a man in her life.

There are things a man would do that you cannot do as a woman but I have no regret leaving my marriage. I don’t have any regret but I regret that I am not under a man’s roof which is not respectable in this part of the world. But I try to comport myself even as a divorced woman and as a typical Yoruba woman and to avoid scandal.

I have a daughter to protect and cater for. The marriage was not working so I had to quit it. My partner went as far as abusing me so I had to leave to protect myself and my daughter.”

On Victor Olaiya as her father: “I don’t want to say much about this. If these people say I am his niece, does that not also make him my relative. And as relatives, I can also call him father. So this issue is not logical, regardless of their arguments. He is my father.” On life: “Life is interesting when you keep a free mind towards others.

When you suspect everyone around you, you cage yourself and your feelings and it means you don’t trust yourself too.

Whatever situation you find yourself, know that life will go on; it will only stop when you are tired of going on.

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